Inspirational Quotes

 “No matter how good you are or how far you have reached in life,

there is always room for more.

Never stop learning and never lose an opportunity to grow.”


“To succeed you must identify your strong points,

understand your true potential,

hinge on your strengths and capitalize on your talent.”


“Give today your best and you don’t have to worry

about what tomorrow holds.”


“The world will try to pull you in a thousand different directions.

The way to live a happy and fulfilled life is to discover your true north and

focus on living life in sync with your life purpose.”


“Don’t spend your life wishing you were happier.

Go out, do things that make you come alive

and create your own happiness.”


“Quitting is never an option on the road to success.

Find the way forward.

If you have a positive mindset and are willing to persevere,

there is little that is beyond your reach.

The attitude of being ready to work

even in the face of challenges and despite odds is

what will make all the difference in your life.”


“No matter how busy you are,

make time for your dreams and work towards their realization.

They’ll be the only things that will make you come alive.”


“A life lived in mediocrity is a life half lived.

Pursue excellence and unlock your full potential.”


“Desires and wishes do not lead to success.

Plans and efforts do.”


“Extra miles, extensive preparation and

exhaustive efforts usually show astonishing results.”


“Life is not linear. There are ups and downs.

It’s the downs and the hardships that teach you the most,

make you realize your inner strength and bring out the best in you.”


“Work on your goals, one step at a time.

Remain focused and do not stop.

You will be amazed how much you can accomplish over the years.

In most things in life, it is not the speed but the consistency that matters.”


“Getting motivated is not difficult

but staying motivated amidst problems, difficulties and setbacks

is a real challenge which only the strong can meet.”


“If you want to experience happiness,

stop outsourcing your life.

Look at yourself from your perspective and

concentrate on things important to you.

Focus on your values, dreams and

things that matter the most to you.”


“A winner is one who knows

what he wants to achieve,

can figure out how he wants to achieve it and

then goes all the way to actually achieve it.”


The best way to get rid of your problems is

to deal with them.”


“It is never too late to turn things around and

put your life back on the right track.”


“Why let go of your goals just because others think you cannot reach them.

Stay inspired, ignore the naysayers and keep going.

Your dreams are all that matter to you.”


 “Whatever phase of life you are in,

make time to pause and reflect where you are heading to.

It is a good time to insert a comma now and

realign yourself to your inner self

before your life ends in a full stop.”


 “No matter how many goals you have accomplished

or how many achievements you have to your credit,

there is always room for more.

As long as you breathe,

give yourself something to look forward to,

keep setting goals- that’s the secret of a long life.”


“The fiercest battles are not fought

outside with others but with the enemy within.

You win every time you overcome negativity

and choose to live a positive and upbeat life.”


“If you are unsure of yourself and doubt your abilities,

there’s no point trying- you are sure to fail.

Before you begin your journey towards success,

make sure to equip yourself with self-belief.”


“Life is all about ‘You’-

being yourself, becoming yourself and loving yourself.

But before that you must –

know yourself, understand yourself and accept yourself.”


“Don’t get demoralized by the impediments and the roadblocks.

Let the setbacks firm your resolve

and make you more determined to succeed.”


“Successful people are not born.

They are made of toil, sweat, perseverance,

tenacity and iron will.”


“There are no impossible goals, only inadequate efforts,

unsatisfactory preparation and insufficient determination.”


“Life is all about attitude and mindset.

A positive attitude and a winner’s mindset is

what differentiates the most successful from the rest.”


“Success is all in the mind.

Your thoughts can either limit your journey

or empower you to go fervently in the pursuit of your goals.”


“Changing yourself all at once is highly improbable.

But taking small steps towards self-improvement and

changing one thing at a time is definitely possible.”


“If you are stuck in a lacklustre routine

and get a nagging feeling that you are not just living your life

it’s time to go out and do something worthwhile.

Challenge yourself, move out of your comfort zone,

push yourself and you will be surprised

by what you are capable of achieving.”


“Develop your talents, improve your skills

and acquire technical know how if you want to succeed.

Without competence, hard work is usually futile.

You cannot churn water and expect butter rising out of it.”


“Whenever you find yourself going off the track,

visualize your big picture.

It will restore your focus, realign your actions to your goals

and help you race towards success.”


 “Success without contentment is

like a body without a soul.”


“Nothing can put you down if

you are determined to rise up.”


“Success is being able to find peace in everyday chaos

and making sense of your life.”


“Problems will always be there.

Find the way forward rather than becoming a

victim of your circumstances and remaining stuck.”


“Get used to working hard, moving out of your comfort zone,

walking the extra mile and success will become your second nature.”


“Don’t let self-doubt beat you down.

Anchor yourself in self-belief and become unbeatable.”


“Life is like a puzzle.

Having all the pieces is not enough.

You need to be able to put them all at the right places.”